Let's bring this home, decentralize media sharing, and save the kittens.

In your internet, decentralizing your medias!
Joar Wandborg and Aeva Ntsc of MediaGoblin and Jaisen Mathai of OpenPhoto working together on the future of decentralized media sharing

So we're nearing the end of our campaign. We've done a good job so far! We're at about 40 thousand dollars now. Our campaign goal says 60 thousand... we don't have to make that full amount, but we should take this opportunity to get as far as we can get! I think 42 thousand is a good and realistic number at this point. If we can get past 42 thousand, MediaGoblin might not be the total answer to life, the universe, and everything, but it'll be a good sign that it's part of it!

Speaking about answers to things, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the opportunity at hand and why this all matters. We've spoken before about this a lot already... we've talked about why decentralization and federation matters, we've talked about what we're going to do to make that happen, we've spoken about the roadmap to 1.0, and even a glimpse of the features coming in the next release. So that's the world we're building, that's the future ahead!

But what about you? Why does it matter from your end? What can you do to help? Well, there are a lot of ways to help MediaGoblin... we have a huge task ahead of us, and of course joining our community and helping build that future is really important. But right now there's an easy way that you can help right now, right this instant: and that's to contribute to the campaign.

Your donation means a lot here. Whatever you can give, it helps. Even with as many awesome volunteers as we have... in fact, especially with as many awesome volunteers as we have!... coordinating MediaGoblin, building a coherent and beautiful media publishing experience, requires a ton of dedicated work, planning, engineering, and communication. By donating to the campaign you are helping power a year full of dedicated focus to keeping that machinery smooth and easy running so that no patch or contribution is left behind. There's a lot of grit-work involved in making the world's most beautiful media hosting future come true, and let's face it! We're up against some strong, well funded competition. It's a tough place, and as we've said in the campaign video, if we don't do something about it, it could be a real cat-astrophe (yes, sorry, it's a horrible pun).

But the reason we'll make it is because we are building the right world, the world of media hosting that the internet needs. And we have the internet on our side. We've got you on our side!

Cats, and a sad internet

So show your support! Make the web a better place, for you, and for kittens everywhere! Donate now!

Gavroche imploring you to support MediaGoblin!