Get and use the MediaGoblin logo

Are you writing an article about MediaGoblin? Creating a goblin-themed presentation? We've collected different versions of the MediaGoblin logo here for you to use.

For any questions regarding the use of the logo you can always talk to us.


It's important to us that the logo is used beautifully and respectfully, so here are some tips.


...give it some breathing space.

Do give it some breathing space.


...edit it with filters or effects.

Don't edit it with filters or effects.

...use colors other than white or black.

Don't use colors other than white or black.

...edit the shape.

Don't edit the shape.

Download the logo

There are several different sizes of the logo available. You can download and use the PNG images below, but if you require a different size it's best to use the source vector file: logo.svg. This is especially important for bigger sizes, because it will avoid blurring and pixelation.

MediaGoblin logo small
MediaGoblin logo medium
MediaGoblin logo large
MediaGoblin logo dark small
MediaGoblin logo dark medium
MediaGoblin logo dark large

Many thanks to Thorsten Wilms for all his work on the MediaGoblin logo!