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Start sharing

You can easily get started sharing your media with the world using MediaGoblin. Run your own site, use one by a friend or family member, or something public.

Explore, Conserve, Create

Browse galleries curated by other MediaGoblin users and create your own, by simply uploading your media files or compiling collections from the works of others.

Profile of a user with short description and latest media

An image gallery

Show What Matters

MediaGoblin's design aims to put the spotlight on your creations, free from distractions. Because it's in your works where detail really matters.

Goblins of a different kind

Media isn't just pictures. MediaGoblin also supports audio files, videos, books and presentations or even 3D-models and ASCII-art. On the backend, it can use powerful tools to transcode or convert your files.

A photo

Playing an audio file

A community of Goblins

But MediaGoblin is also social. We have a built-in comment system which supports Markdown formatting, comment previews and notifications. So you can get an idea what others are thinking about your creations.

Learning new things is fun

MediaGoblin is more than just software, it's a community of people like you! Everyone loves learning from others, be they programmers, artists, translators, administrators, or writers.

Caminandes video
(Image from Caminandes, an independent Open Movie Project, released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

A presentation document in PDF

Define your own boundaries

MediaGoblin is built with extensibility in mind. You can easily add a new media type or new authentication provider. Even further, you could write plugins for all purposes, like connecting to another platforms API.

Everything within your hands

As will all free software projects, you can just grab a copy of MediaGoblin and set it free in the wild of the web. A comfortable admin interface ensures that you stay in control in case of misbehaviour. Once federation is fully implemented, users will be able to communicate in between different installations.

A 3D-printable Gavroche

Admin panel to control user privileges

No compromises in taste

Just change the looks of MediaGoblin in any way you want by creating a new theme. The appearance of your creation's surroundings should gracefully support your personal expression and make it stand out.

Excited? Jump In!

jpope's theme featuring a photo of a train turning around the corner'