Join the GNU MediaGoblin community

Get involved!

You've read about our little project, and you've decided to get involved? We're very happy that you're here! Here are some initial ideas on how to get involved.

Most importantly, you should start talking to us immediately!


#mediagoblin on

Not sure what this means? Chat with us in your browser or read more about IRC on the Libera.Chat website.

Mailing list

We have a mailing list for discussing all aspects of GNU MediaGoblin development. (It's not as active as our IRC channel, though...)


We have documentation focused on site administrators at

If you're interested in contributing we encourage you to look at the wiki. It has sections for all major contribution activities: translating, documenting, testing, hacking, and hanging out.

Issue tracker

We have a bug tracker. Use this to file bugs and feature requests. Our legacy bug tracker is also maintained for reference.


We're using SourceHut for code hosting. The MediaGoblin source code is in the mediagoblin repository.