Support MediaGoblin! Help us take back the net!

Update: This campaign was concluded successfully in 2014. Thanks for your support!

GNU MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing system for the web. It's a freedom-respecting replacement for sites like Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Thingiverse. We've come pretty far, but we need you to join our goblin force and help us take back the net!

NOTE: The campaign is officially over, and a success! You can still donate to help us out (always appreciated!) but you cannot select the rewards. Thanks for your support, everyone!

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Why support MediaGoblin?

MediaGoblin is already pretty awesome, and can do a lot of the things people want from a media publishing system on the web. But there are still some things it needs to become the most awesome, free-loving, decentralized media publishing system it can be. With your help, we can make this happen.

Here's what we want to fund out of this campaign:


Federation is how we can have a decentralized network of MediaGoblin sites while keeping the social experience people are used to with centralized sites. We've already begun work on this using the Pump API and a library we're collaborating on building called PyPump.

We have some basics of this working in MediaGoblin, but this is a significant task, and we'd like to pull in dedicated resources to make sure federation works smoothly in MediaGoblin!

Wrap up 1.0

We're very close to our awesome 1.0 release that lays out all the main features we originally planned for MediaGoblin. Help us wrap that up!

Privacy features

Say you want to share your baby photo with your family and close friends, but not your coworkers? We've got plans to add private sharing (including federated private sharing!), and you can help us make them happen!

In addition, we'd like to add new cool privacy-supporting features, including support for the awesome crypto-storage system, Tahoe LAFS!

Bring MediaGoblin to the people

We want everyone to be using MediaGoblin! We want to put resources into making MediaGoblin easy to use and deploy. This means putting more work into our interface design and adding new, simplified deployment solutions.

Interested in talking to us?


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Video by Christopher Allan Webber and others (see credits), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Visual materials additionally available under the GNU GPL v3 or later as published by the FSF.
Awesome rewards pixel art by Alex Camelio, waived into the public domain via CC0 1.0.