Almost there! Campaign ends this Friday, and we're close!

Whew! We're in the midst of the last week of the MediaGoblin campaign! As you may already know, we already beat our first milestone. This means we've unlocked the most core and exciting things: federation and 1.0 support. But let's face it, some of the most exciting things happen in the second milestone:

Second milestone details

So let's face it... the really exciting stuff happens once we hit 60k. But how do we get there by the end of the week? That doesn't seem like much time!

How can we unlock aveyah?

Well... good news everyone! We're a lot closer than we look! You may remember that we have a 10k matching grant which kicks in when we hit 46k... and we're already well over halfway through to meeting the matching goal. That means that as soon as we hit 46k, this magic happens:

10k magic

And once we're at 56k, that's only 4k away from our goal. So close! So if you haven't donated yet, now's a great time to do so!

One more thing. We realize that if we hit 60k right at the end on Friday, that doesn't give people much time to take advantage of the "premium hosting" reward. Because of that, we'll be opening up the premium hosting option (but only the premium hosting option) after the campaign ends... more details will be announced later. If we hit 60k by Friday, that is. :)

We can do it, right? Let's do this!

goblin force badge for campaign