First funding milestone unlocked! 10k matching grant!

First milestone (35k) unlocked!

Two parts of exciting news today! Part one: we just beat our first funding milestone! Part two: your donation now counts for double!

Wait, let's take these one by one. Okay, as for the first funding milestone reached... this means that all of this is currently unlocked and successfully funded:

First milestone details

And we're now on our way to unlocking all of this:

Second milestone details

To make all of this even more exciting, we have also received a 10k matching grant from a generous anonymous donor! This means that all of your donations currently count for double!

You heard that right! As soon as we raise the next 10k (basically, we hit 46k) all donations given during this period double (to 56k)! Like magic! (Note: we've pushed back the campaign end date by a few days to allow us to take advantage of this and wrap this up.)

So! There's never been a better time to donate! What are you waiting for... donate and spread the word!

You rock, internet!

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