Amazing MediaGoblin fanart by Justin Nichol

Something fun today... last night I got contacted by Justin Nichol, who is self-described as "an entertainment designer, game designer and free culture advocate". He said he heard about the project, thought the mascot was cute, and wanted to paint it in his own style. That didn't prepare me for the awesomeness that awaited me when I opened the attachment:

Justin Nichol's incredible MediaGoblin fanart

Well, what can I say. Beats the heck out of anything I can do! I'm pretty blown away, and quite frankly, both humbled and flattered by having my character drawn in a way that so massively outpaces my own skills.

Justin says the above image, as well as this dark background version, are both released under CC BY-SA 3.0. So feel free to remix and reuse as long as you reciprocate under the terms of the license (be sure to attribute Justin Nichol!) Justin also uploaded the image to his CGHub account, so you can also see it there.

Oh, and on that note, I encourage you to check out Justin's other stuff. He's got some crazy awesome stuff on his CGHub account. Even cooler: he's got a game website called Black Flag Games, which appears to be tabletop free culture games. Pretty cool... and important work! I happen to think that games are important to free software and free culture and when I worked at Creative Commons that was an agenda I tried to push forward. So check out his stuff! Looks like they've got some cool stuff going on...

Oh, and speaking of cool stuff, you know we have a crowdfunding campaign going on right? Now's the time to donate since contributions are currently being doubled. And I guess I'll put the "Support MediaGoblin" image below... even though it noticeably pales in comparison to the above. :)

Gavroche imploring you to support MediaGoblin!