MediaGoblin enters the Knight News Challenge

MediaGoblin on the Knight News Challenge

I'm excited to say that MediaGoblin has entered into the Knight News Challenge! For those not familiar, the Knight News Challenge is an excellent grant giving program centered around free expression on the net, particularly in areas of citizen journalism.

We think we couldn't be a more perfect fit. Just read the description:

This is an open call for ideas. We want to discover projects that make the Internet better. We believe that access to information is key to vibrant and successful communities, and we want the Internet to remain an open, equitable platform for free expression, commerce and learning. We want an Internet that fuels innovation through the creation and sharing of ideas.

This is exactly the area that we're working on in MediaGoblin, so we're super thrilled to be applying. If we got this grant, it could really change things for MediaGoblin and allow us to very quickly and efficiently bring the project to the next level and achieve our dream of beautiful, decentralized, user-freedom-oriented media publishing on the internet to life.

So check out our application! We are totally open to constructive comments and feedback on that page. And if you're as excited as we are, feel free to give us some applause!

PS: We're well aware of the YouTube upload irony. It seems to be a required part of the campaign submission if you want to have a video. Shows just how badly getting MediaGoblin out there is needed!

PPS: Don't forget that we're also running a campaign... If you haven't supported the campaign yet already, that's also a great way to help!