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So the campaign is off to a pretty good start! In just half a week we're over 20% of the way to meeting our first milestone. Of course, we'd love to do more than just meeting the first goal... we get to the really exciting parts of "decentralizing the web" once we hit the second milestone of our campaign. (See the campaign page for details on this!)

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But we need your help. It seems that people who visit the campaign page seem to have a good chance of donating, which is great! That means that if we can get that message out to more people, all the better chance of getting the funding to pull off some really cool and important stuff!

Can you help us spread the word? Here's several ways you can help:

  • Write about MediaGoblin and post the video to your blog or website!
  • Share the MediaGoblin campaign on your social networks!
  • Try to get us in the news! If you can post about MediaGoblin to news sources you think are interesting, that makes a *huge difference*! Let them know that they can email if they want to talk!
  • Tell people you know about the campaign! Showing someone personally or sending an email to people you know who care about these issues really helps!

Our best explanation for what we're doing and working on is our campaign video. Embedding the video is now easy! If you have the ability to embed raw HTML in your blog or website, just copy the text below:

Writing things in your own words is of course always best! But you can also feel free to borrow and modify the following as you see fit:

MediaGoblin is a publishing system for the web, it can host all your media of any kind (like a YouTube + Flickr + SoundClound + more that anyone can run!). Plus it's free software, so you can run it and adapt it to your needs. Want to help the project towards federation and privacy features? Check out their fundraising campaign!

If you're looking for some images from the campaign, I put together a campaign kit that you are free to use in your blogpost, article, whatever!

Thanks for your help! As always, MediaGoblin is powered by people like you, and we greatly appreciate your support!

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