Donate to MediaGoblin, get a chance at free PyCon tickets!

Gavroche, set to go to PyCon

Heya all! We've got an exciting announcement to make this morning! We got a generous promotion/sponsorship from the Python Software Foundation... the next 25 people who donate $200.00 or more will get a chance to get free tickets to PyCon US!

If you're into programming, and especially Python, PyCon is a conference that's not to be missed. I can say from experience: I've attended every US PyCon since 2008, and it is honestly the highest quality programming-oriented conference I've ever gone to. (I've even spoken there before and Deb, Will and I ran a poster session on PyCon in the past as well!) And this is a great deal: the individual rate for PyCon is $350 at regular rate, and $300 at early bird rate. Given that we're giving out two tickets to 25 people, that's a 1 in 12.5 chance you'll be chosen. Those are good odds!

And of course, either way you're already helping out a good cause by donating to MediaGoblin. You're helping the dream of decentralized media publishing come true. And, as it turns out, you're helping prove that Python web applications can help save the world. What more could you ask for?

Well, you could maybe ask for more rewards... at $200 you've already passed the $100 level:

Shert rewards

That means that in addition to a chance to get a free trip to PyCon, you already get a t-shirt, a postcard, a sponsored commit, a virtual hug, and stickers! But if you're really generous, you could go up just $150 more:

Figurine rewards

At that point you get a 3d printed figurine of our mascot, Gavroche... plus a t-shirt, a postcard, a sponsored commit, a virtual hug, stickers... and of course your chance at a ticket to PyCon!

So what are you waiting for? Support MediaGoblin and help make the future of free and open source, python-based, decentralized media hosting come true... and get a chance to go to the world's greatest programming conference in the process!

Gavroche imploring you to support MediaGoblin!