Version 0.0.4 - Inward Reflections

You know how you feel when you make a couple of big decisions, clean your whole apartment including "that" closet and finally build those shelves? MediaGoblin totally had that month! This release is called "Inward Reflections" because the lion's share of progress was made on internal stuff, although we did find time to knock out a few external goodies.

MediaGoblin 0.0.4 banner

Tagging! Users can tag photos:

A holiday card image with a mouse, tagged

And then they can click on those tags and see similar pics:

A gallery of media entries tagged with 'creature'

We made the user registration process clearer and added the ability to disable registrations.

Post-registration 'verification needed' image

In addition to lots of general design tweakage, bios are now enabled with markdown and pagination is much improved.

Showing off the improved pagination

And about that closet, we spent some serious time improving our migration code and unit tests. We extracted some key documentation from Chris's brain and generated new docs from Sphinx. We threw out all the unstringed tennis rackets and galoshes with holes. We've got a new mailing list and a new wiki. In general, the codebase and the project is significantly spiffier and more approachable than it was last month.

In the magic contributor-thank-you-mirror, the MediaGoblin sees; Chris Moylan, Caleb Davis, Odin Hørthe Omdal, Joar Wandborg, Elrond of Samba TNG, Chris Webber, Aaron Williamson, Rasmus Larsson, Deb Nicholson, Will Kahn-Greene, Vinzenz Vietzke, Jim Campbell, Jef van Schendel, Thorsten Wilms and Osama Khalid!

Best of all, we're on track for our goal of launchable-site(s) in September/October!

August will be spent finishing that and maybe getting in a few cool extra tools and planning for federation and multiple media formats. We could use your help! In particular, this month we could use a few testers that are not already familiar with the codebase. No actual python expertise is required for testing. If you've been waiting for an entry point that doesn't require mad coding skills, this is it! Please, join us!