Version 0.0.2 - we can haz pages

First of all, thanks to everyone who worked to get us to 0.0.2! GNU MediaGoblin is much further along than we'd even hoped it would be by this point. We're especially grateful to those of you who have become regular fixtures (dare we say goblinistas?) - in particular Jef van Schendel (our new graphic designer!) who's made 0.0.2 look great, Rob Myers and Matt Lee at FooCorp for their support, everyone for their feedback, and a ton of people sending in patches (Aleksandar Micovic, Jakob Kramer, Joar Wandborg, Bernhard Keller, Elrond from Samba-TNG, Sebastian Spaeth, Aaron Williamson, Daniel Neel (on docs), and of course Chris Webber and Will Kahn-Greene). The influx of contributors here are what has made this month's release of GNU MediaGoblin (our first month of public development!) an awesome one.

In short, it's starting to look like the real deal. We have basic galleries with pagination, email verification, feeds and friends. There's also lots of nitty gritty stuff like MongoDB data migrations, Celery integration, and etc that you can ask Chris to explain to you in extravagant detail if you join us on IRC. But pictures speak louder than words, particularly in a software project related to media publishing. And so, behold!

Example gallery


Submitting images

Viewing images

The quality of work that's gone into 0.0.2 makes meeting our lofty-yet-humble 0.1.0 goals look quite achievable. The past month's work on 0.0.2 shows that we can do this, but that there's a ton of work left to do. Which leaves us looking forward to 0.0.3. There's a lot of work to do, but also a lot of fun to be had doing so. Sound up your alley? Why don't you join us?