Looking Forward to the 0th SpinachCon!

If you have been reading our blog for a little while, then you already know we love getting feedback from users. Later this month, we'll be participating in the first ever SpinachCon, a user feedback event for free software projects. The event will be hosted at a local Cambridge makerspace called Industry Lab the day before the Free Software Foundation's annual conference, LibrePlanet.

Like many small and medium free software projects, we rely on volunteers to fill in the gaps where a larger project would just hire someone. We're not at all opposed to paying more people to work on MediaGoblin. (See our in progress funding campaign, we would love, love, love to hire more people!) But before we can hire UX experts, we still need to improve our current user experience. Enter SpinachCon -- it's a hackfest for users. People try the software, answer a few questions and get a free lunch in return.

We'll be joined by Hyperkitty -- a user-facing Mailman application, Inkscape -- a fantastic vector graphics editor, and LibreOffice -- a free office suite. A wide variety of projects and such esteemed company! The event takes place on the Friday before LibrePlanet, so we'll be welcoming the folks who are in town early to start their weekend off with a nice, easy way to contribute to making free software more awesome. We'll also be welcoming them with pizza, courtesy of our sponsor, the Open Invention Network.

Thanks! Hope to see you there!

(Oh, and by the way, you have checked out our awesome campaign, right?)