Pump API progress video

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Hey all. Things are busy here in MediaGoblin-land, but we're making great progress. Since our last update several things have happened, including Natalie Foust's branch being merged! So administrative tools have officially hit git master. That's great news!

But I'm here to talk about a different feature today: federation work, and what's going on with it. Another one of our outreach program for women students, Jessica Tallon, has been working on this for the last many months. Most of the work initially came on rewriting PyPump into a more powerful and general purpose library for applications making use of the Pump API for federation.

But Jessica has been working also on integration of federation and pump support in MediaGoblin itself. When it lands, the Pump API should be usable for more than just federation... it'll also be able to be a general API for writing desktop and mobile applications which connect to MediaGoblin!

But what's better than a bunch of words that simply say as such? How about a demo! Jessica has kindly provided a brief screencast showing off uploading media to MediaGoblin via PyPump. Probably only interesting to developers, but if so, hey, screencasts speak louder than blogtext: