On Prism

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News of PRISM is spreading rapidly, and with realization of just how serious this is. This isn't the first time that there's been the revelation of government spying, but more than ever we're seeing clearly how broad and wide government and corporate surveillance are growing over our lives.

Meanwhile, the trend in computing is to put more and more of your data under the control of a handful of megacorporations, which makes total surveillance of your communications easier than ever before. But people feel trapped. What kind of alternative do they have?

Well, if you're wondering if there's an alternative to Facebook and Google Plus to share your photos, we're working on it:

In addition to building quality, freedom-respecting tools that people can run themselves, we've begun work to make federation really happen so servers can hook together in a pleasant, seamless matter, with privacy work to come after. If you want to help fund an alternative to these systems, we can use your help, so consider donating if you can. Every bit helps.

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There's also more you can do besides donating:

  • Run a MediaGoblin instance for your family and friends. This is maybe the most important thing we could use more of: engaged users of the software.
  • Join our community, set up a local instance, and help contribute. We can use all kinds of contributions: documentation, code, translations, graphic design, testing and bug reporting...
  • Help similar projects and run and use that software. Run your own mail and XMPP server (we like Prosody), run a pump.io instance, or use a friend's server, or switch to an organization that you can trust like RiseUp to do that hosting for you. Don't trust services like Gmail! Update: see also the excellent Prism Break site for a list of free alternatives.

Our liberties are under more threat than ever before, and the internet needs your help to keep it free. Help support user autonomy and freedom on the net!