MediaGoblin 0.12.1

| tags: release

We're pleased to announce the release of MediaGoblin 0.12.1. See the release notes for full details and upgrading instructions.

This patch release fixes a number of Python dependency issues, allows us to support newer autoconf versions, fixes a few small bugs and improves the documentation. Support for Debian Bookwork, Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora 36 is notably missing from this release, but will be addressed in the upcoming version 0.13.0.

Thanks go to Olivier Mehani, Elisei Roca, Jgart, Dan Helfman and Peter Horvath for their contributions in this release. Since our last release, long-time MediaGoblin user and contributor Olivier has joined me as co-maintainer on the project. Thanks for all your help Olivier!

To join us and help improve MediaGoblin, please visit our getting involved page.