MediaGoblin 0.12.0: Potions

| tags: release
"Potions" by Charlotte Koch (reproduced with permission)

Happy Software Freedom Day! Today we're pleased to announce the release of MediaGoblin 0.12.0. See the release notes for full details and upgrading instructions.

This release resolves two significant issues in the Celery backend media processing. The first was causing processed media to be marked as failed and the second was inhibiting useful error messages. We've also resolved installation issues caused by deprecated upstream code in the Werkzeug and jsonschema libraries.

We've added provisional gmg serve and gmg celery commands to simplify deployment. These commands may change in the future and are not yet recommended in the deployment documentation. If your deployment is already running smoothly, there's no reason to switch at this stage.

Thanks to Rodrigo Martins, Marco Pessotto and Jgart for their contributions in this release. Thanks again to Charlotte for allowing us to feature her artwork.

To join us and help improve MediaGoblin, please visit our getting involved page.