Apply for GSoC in MediaGoblin (and Guix/Shepherd!)

Hello all!

Summertime is fast approaching, and this means GSoC is fast approaching too. This year we have some interesting potential projects. Check it out, and if you're interested, apply! You have until Friday (March 25th) to get your application in.

We just added a new item, and I wanted to call it out specifically: porting federation to ActivityPub. This is not the only potentially interesting GSoC project, but it is a special one; you'd be able to work with Jessica Tallon (the source of federation support in MediaGoblin!) on updating federation to our current standards work.

One more call-out: this one isn't MediaGoblin specific, but I (Chris Webber) am willing to mentor it: Adding an extensible event loop to Shepherd (the init system used by Guix). This would quite probably use the under-announced GNU 8sync project. If you're interested in learning about event loops and how to write them, you might want to watch and even better, read the corresponding sections of SICP which inspire it. This will be a tough one! But if you're really interested in digging into some cool ideas about concurrency, I'd recommend it. There are some other great projects for Guix as well!

Both MediaGoblin and Guix welcome all applicants, though both projects also strongly encourage women, non-binary gendered individuals, people of color, and other underrepresented groups to apply. Both projects follow a Code of Conduct (for MediaGoblin and for Guix).

Time is running short; apply! Detailed proposals are encouraged, and jumping in and experimenting / will greatly enhance your possibility of acceptance in both projects. Join #mediagoblin and #guix respectively on to talk to other developers.

Happy hacking!